The Importance of a Company Profile

by CHENG Sue Yan

A company profile speaks a great deal about a company. It also represents the professional image of the company.

When people or potential clients are interested to know about your company, you can always hand them a copy of your company profile. Whether it is attending seminars, conferences or any kinds of events, a company profile serves as a powerful tool to promote your business. A well-written company profile not only highlights the brand value of your company, but also conveys messages more effectively through the well-designed graphics, thus creating a visual impact and leaving a favourable impression of your company.

What should be included in a company profile?

A company profile should include details about its goal and vision, products and services, strengths and expertise, and the professional team who handles the behind-the-scenes work. A touching brand story, which gives life to a business, is just as important as it can effectively convey the company’s business philosophy, and connect emotionally with the audience. It is a pity that many companies or organizations tend to overlook the importance of a company profile, leading to a situation in which a company profile may have inconsistent word usage, unfavourable design or improper use of colour.

In additional, choosing a printing company should not be done in a slipshod manner. The printing effect or the paper quality will affect the presentation of the company profile. In a nutshell, to create a concise and complete company profile, it is vital to appoint an expert to handle the task.

The JADE Studio is committed to assisting clients to create professional company profiles, with the aim to achieve brand building goals. We perfectly combine various ingredients, be it typography, visual languages or wording and phrasing, to highlight the key differentiating factors that make your company stand out among the crowd.

Last but not least, we do not encourage printing your company profile in large quantities because you will need to update your company profile from time to time. This keeps clients informed on the latest development of your company and demonstrates its continued growth.

Featured image: Photo by Van Tay Media on Unsplash