The JADE Studio

In practice of the belief “Words – Nourishing and Enriching Lives”, The JADE Studio provides customers with precise and scrupulous text and design services, with a high degree of social vision that highlights the value of customers.

We provide translation, copywriting, design and publishing services, focusing on serving branding, advertising, marketing as well as film and television companies.

We have a team of professional linguists to translate English, Chinese, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and other languages.

We also provide life education services, including courses, talks, guided readings, and one-to-one coaching. We deeply believe that through life education, everyone will be able to lead their own lives.


The founder, Ms. Tan Giek Lian, has been in the industry for 20 years. She is also an advisor of the Institute of Chinese Studies Internship Programme at the University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (Kampar Campus), a PhD student in Chinese Studies at the University of Malaya, a creative content contributor of, and a coach and healer of Garden of Wisdom.

Ms. Tan is attentive to words and understands the needs of her customers fully. Combining the power of words and the force of the body, mind and soul, she leads her team to embark on a journey of growth with their customers and establish a new branding culture by offering high quality content.

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Meridian Art: Medical Translation
The JADE assisted Meridian Art in translating booklets and videos of various drugs and medical information, including influenza, rotavirus vaccine, osteoporosis, migraine assessment, hospital anxiety and depression scale, etc.

Innity: Tourism Copywriting
In 2020, Innity has a new plan, inviting The JADE to assist Taiwan Tourism Bureau to produce a series of youthful, lively, and most fashionable short stories of Taiwan.

509: The People Have Spoken
The JADE translated parts of the content from Malay into Chinese and contributed to disseminating information to readers of different language background.

Other Services

These are the list of our services. Do contact us for more information.