About JadeMag

Jade Studio’s special online platform, JadeMag, is a homonym of the word “text”(文字), and the abbreviation of “Jade Magazine”(文誌) in Chinese. The design of JadeMag logo applies the minimalist concept by using mainly straight lines, it is then integrated with punctuation marked subtly on the Chinese characters which serve as the basis. The logo represents Jade Studio’s attitude towards language and writing, which is the initial aspiration of nourishing and enriching life with the most basic elements of words.

The word “JADEMAG” in the logo replaces M with the image of a book. At the same time, the front of the book is an alphabet “E” which represents the cyberspace. The design implies JadeMag’s dedication in continuing traditional publication, and concurrently using the online platform to convey Jade Studio’s conviction.

Initial aspiration is the driving force for a kick-start, it is also an enthusiasm for persistence; creativity is the fundamental for ideas generation, and the lifeline for progress. JadeMag’s spirit is in the light of “aspiration remains, creativity transcends”. In addition to the sharing of articles and publication stories, JadeMag also paves paths for its readers towards appreciating life with the kaleidoscopic nature of words.

文玉工作室特设的网络平台《文誌》,是“文字”的谐音,也是《文玉杂志》的缩写。《文誌》的标志设计以简洁的线条为主,在方块字的基础上巧妙地融入标点符号。它代表的是文玉工作室对语言文字的态度 — 回到最简约的初心,用最基本的文字元素,滋养生命,丰富生活。

标志中的“JADEMAG”,以书的图案取代 M,同时书的前面是个代表电子空间的 E 字,意味《文誌》既延续传统的出版精神,也借助网络平台传达文玉工作室的信念。

初心,是启程的动力,是坚持的热诚;创意,是求新的根本,是成长的命脉。本着 “初心不变,创意无限”的信念。《文誌》除了与读者分享文字与出版工作的点点滴滴,也通过文字打开欣赏生活与生命的一扇窗,打造一个文字万花筒。