by KAM Choy Yin

In Singapore, much of our time is spent travelling on buses or the MRT. As everybody can afford a smart phone nowadays, it’s not an uncommon scene to see passengers looking at their phones in the public transport. Lately, I’ve also become one of them.

Image: Public Libraries Singapore

Ever since I’ve heard that there are eBooks available for borrowing on the NLB (National Library Board) Mobile app, I fell in love with this new technology instantly. Before that we could only go to the library in person to read or borrow books when we are free, but now, as long as you have a smart phone or a tablet, you can read anytime, anywhere you want. You don’t have to waste any minute on the public transport.

The app helps save me money too! I used to return books late to the library, either because I was too busy or I just simply forgot about the due date. But not anymore! The app will notify you to remind you of the due date. If you’re not done reading, you can just renew it via the app.

Besides, the NLB will have promotions from time to time, e.g. increase the number of titles you can borrow, in order to encourage people to read. Compared to carrying paper books, eBooks lighten my load especially when I travel abroad. I can now carry a lighter backpack without having to sacrifice the enjoyment of reading during a trip.

Even though I still miss the feeling of holding a paper book to read, I’m enjoying the pleasure and convenience of reading eBooks. Do you feel the same too? Share your thoughts!

Featured image: Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash