Dept. of Chinese Studies, UM: Folder

by The JADE

In conjunction with the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), University of Malaya (UM) and the Alumni Homecoming Day, the Department of Chinese Studies of UM specially invited The JADE Studio to design six exquisite custom folders. The cover photos of the folders, which were taken by professional photographer, are the landmark buildings of UM such as Tunku Chancellor Hall, central library, the building of FASS and more. These historical buildings will surely evoke the memories of the alumni about the days they spent in the campus.

The folder cover has two designs. One with the background being removed and retain only the photos of the building; the other one is the full photo with all sides left blank. The design concept is based on minimalistic.

Selected Mahua poems were printed on the back of the folder, with different background colours such as aqua green, sky blue and light grey, which not only highlight the local characteristics of the department, but also fit the gentle and elegant image of the department.

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