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An Ideal Crystal for Your Personality and Occupation

by LEE Yi Ling

For most people, deciding what to have for lunch is the biggest daily dilemma; for the working class, the same problem lies on selecting what to wear for work every day. In fact, the latter can be easily solved with the help of some versatile accessories!

Apart from silver, crystals are the next favourite jewellery among women. This is because the clarity of crystals work wonders in boosting one’s vitality.

Each type of natural crystal radiates its own magnetism and energy. One of the methods in choosing the right type of crystal is by referring to one’s occupation; the right crystal would help to enhance the owner’s aura.

Let’s learn about Rose Quartz, Moonstone and Amethyst – the most popular crystals in the market – and the occupations they are meant for.

1. Rose Quartz

The energy radiated by Rose Quartz is the best element in enhancing interpersonal relationship. Wearing the Rose Quartz helps to create a deep and positive impression on others about us. At the same time, it also helps to gain recognition from our customers, leading us towards establishing stronger relationships with others. Industries that require frequent socialisation, such as sales, service industries, or hosting, are recommended to wear the Rose Quartz in order to expand your social circle and boost your career.

The exquisite workmanship and unique design of Creative Quartz & Fashion give prominence to your personal charm.

粉晶 Rose Quartz 粉晶所散发的温和能量,是人缘的最佳辅助品。佩戴粉晶,会让人留下深刻印象和好感,也会得到顾客的认可,使人际关系更圆润。常常需要与人打交道的行业,如销售、服务行业或主持可佩戴粉晶,借助粉晶能量广结人缘,进而对自己的事业有所帮助。 Creative Quartz & Fashion精细的做工和独特的设计,更突显个人魅力。
Image: Creative Quartz & Fashion

2. Moonstone

Moonstone is known as the “Lover’s Stone”. It is a gem that attracts love. Upon closer inspection, you would notice a faint blue colour emitted on the misty surface of the gem. Its characteristic is as soft as the moonlight, which can help to soften and reconcile strong personalities, such as irritable, uncompromising and impulsive behaviours. Wearing a Moonstone helps to improve your temperament from inside out, making you more relaxed and elegant.

Image: Creative Quartz & Fashion

Each piece of the romantic Moonstone designed by Creative Quartz & Fashion is unique in its own way.

Image: Creative Quartz & Fashion

Image: Creative Quartz & Fashion

A pendant that combines the Amethyst and Moonstone serves dual functions on top of its uniqueness.

3. Amethyst

Purple is a symbol of wisdom. Amethyst balances and stabilises one’s inner energy, helping you to achieve a clear mind, swift thoughts, at the same time unleashing creativity to bring upon more opportunities. Therefore, Amethyst is suitable for those who are working in the corporate world or creative industries.

Wearing the noble-looking and elegant Amethyst helps to highlight femininity. Contact Creative Quartz & Fashion now to purchase your Amethyst necklace or bracelet.

佩戴高贵典雅的紫水晶,可衬托出女性气质。不管你想要一款紫水晶项链或手链,都可到 Creative Quartz & Fashion选购。Image: Creative Quartz & Fashion

Fine Craftsmanship: Designs that Exhibit Individuality

Creative Quartz & Fashion uses stainless steel and special winding techniques in giving each rim its unique design. The fashion house aspires to achieve distinctive results with their fine craftsmanship. Not only does the inlay technique enhances the sparkle of the crystal greatly, it also adds trendy and retro fashion sense to the accessories, which highlights individuality. Each piece is an artwork that demonstrates luxury with a humble sentiment, making it an accessory suitable for any occasions.

想为单调的上班服选购一款水晶,可以请 Creative Quartz & Fashion为你搭配哦!
Image: Creative Quartz & Fashion

Besides their online business, Creative Quartz & Fashion kiosks can also be found on the ground floor of Starling Mall. Visit the kiosk today and choose your favourite crystal!

The crystal and its owner complement each other. The details of the crystal also show a woman’s fashion sense, enhancing one’s confidence and aura. When you practise self love, your crystal jewellery will become increasingly glossy consequently. Interested to purchase a crystal to match with your work attire? Don’t hesitate to contact Creative Quartz & Fashion for their professional recommendations!

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