How Copywriting Can Improve Business

by The JADE

A very underrated strategy when it comes to small businesses is the need for effective copywriting and the massive impact it can make when it comes to a few domains of improving business. You might be thinking now, what exactly does “effective copywriting” constitute? To put it simply, copywriting essentially is writing out content that can boost one’s business or that can bring in sales for the business. We have broken down 2 major ways in which copywriting, when done right, can create a surge in sales for small businesses. 

Firstly, effective copywriting provides a golden opportunity for the business to connect with potential customers on a personal level. One of the key purposes of copywriting should be to relate to the audience by understanding and targeting their needs. A lot of times writers or content creators fall into the trap of focusing on the WHAT of their product, service or brand instead of the WHY. This does not get the message across to the audience as effectively as it can. The audience wants to know how the product, service or brand can benefit them, for example, how can it make their life more convenient or how can it solve a particular issue that they are facing. By thinking of the product from the shoes of the potential customers, businesses can grab the attention of these customers, build a connection with them and get them closer to the final goal of investing in the business. 

Secondly, effective copywriting can enhance a business’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The primary goal of SEO is to get the business’s website shown as high up as possible in the organic search results when a user searches for a phrase related to the business’s product or service in the Google engine. It is crucial to focus on the content written on the website to boost SEO, for example, by including more keywords in the content, ensuring that the content is relevant to the topic of the business and is published regularly, etc. Basically, the better the business’s SEO, the easier it will be for visitors to find the website online and the more potential customers will bring to the business. 

In summary, one does not have to be an expert writer in order to deliver impact content that can possibly boost conversion of leads to sales. As long as the business takes note of keeping the intended customer’s needs at the forefront when writing content, and ensures that the quality and frequency of this content are monitored, copywriting can go a long way in helping these small businesses. 

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Image by NegativeSpace from Pexels