Importance of Good Translation in The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

by The JADE

The pharmaceutical sector in China is growing year by year and its value is expected to grow to $573.5 billion by 2022. This increase makes China’s pharmaceutical market the second largest in the world, closely behind that of the United States. But how can companies in this industry be part of this exceptional growth? The solution lies in translation. Many pharmaceutical businesses use translation services to communicate with customers on an international scale to expand their outreach and increase sales.

In the pharmaceutical setting, contents such as medical information, product packaging and many more need to be translated in order to be introduced into a new market. However, these translations have to be of great accuracy. This is because any mistakes can impact overall costs, create clinical consequences for patients and ultimately might result in lawsuits or even rejection of the product throughout the regulatory process. Consumers also would want to understand the products and services down to the intricate level as it involves their health. Therefore accurate and high-quality translations are highly valued in this regard.

Moreover, with the rise of many pharmaceutical multinational corporations, clinical trials would be conducted worldwide, and thus gains the need for translation. These translations are critical in the clinical trial process by translating precise data regarding side effects, success rates, dosages, testing procedures and more. Getting the language as precisely as possible is essential to the success of these trials.

In the medical setting, detailed translations of various instructions and procedures are also vital as human beings are involved and a minor slip can bring a threat to life. One common error faced in medical translation is translating abbreviations. There are often several abbreviations for the same terminology which can create errors and translators should translate them such that the actual meaning is reflected within the relevant context. One example would be a falsely translated instruction manual at a hospital in Berlin which resulted in the case of numerous wrongly implanted prosthetics. The consequences for the patients were very severe. Therefore, there is a need for a specialised and professional medical translator to ensure the quality of translation in a sector as sensitive as healthcare stays error-free.

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Image by Andrew Hays on Unsplash