The Gateway to Your Business Success

by KAM Choy Yin

A website is the gateway to your business success. The first impression of an enterprise is formed as soon as visitors click into its website. It is no different than the impression you leave on others the first time you meet them in person. It is not impossible to change the first impression, but it would be rather hard.

When setting up the website of The JADE, I asked myself, “What do I want people to think of right way when they know about The JADE?”, “What image does The JADE want to portray?”, “What kind of entrepreneurial spirit should The JADE reflect?” After going over these repeatedly, the image of The JADE gradually formed–professional, capable, quietly elegant and modest.

Once the image had been defined, we took a step forward to work on the design of the website. Jade is green in colour. It is also the corporate colour of The JADE. It represents the vitality of life. The colour white represents simplicity and elegance. It is a neutral colour, yet it has all colours of a rainbow. Despite its simplicity, it carries abundance of inner qualities. The illustrations on The JADE’s website also have green and white as its theme colours. With the concise descriptions, bright and succinct pictures and all information clearly categorized, the layout of the website began to take shape. What about the contents of the website?

Based in Malaysia and Singapore, The JADE’s website offers the three main languages used locally–Malay language, English language and Chinese language. We sorted out and looked through the information carefully, including the introduction, target customers, slogan, services, portfolio and contact methods. We are aspired to provide the best experience to the visitors and leave a deep impression on them.

Credits ought to be given to the web designer of The JADE for creating a distinctive website. The success of a website depends greatly on back-end support. Servers, database, website management interface and so on ensure a flexible, pleasing and user-friendly website.

The establishment of a website is just a starting point. To inject new life to the website, adjustments and updates have to be made in a timely manner. In order to meet the business development needs, we now have a fresh look for our website. Please feel free to visit us at and share your opinion on the website with us.