Translation Projects of The JADE in 2020

by The JADE

In practice of the belief of “Words – Nourishing and Enriching Lives”, The JADE provides high-value text services to fulfil the needs of its customers. This new year, The JADE summarises translation jobs accepted in the previous year. We are grateful to our clients for their continuous support to The JADE.

1. Medical

Medical treatment is closely related to people’s health and live. Misinterpretation of medical information would put personal health at risk or even lead to social panic.

In the past, The JADE has processed the translation of various medical-related leaflets and videos, including materials regarding influenza, rotavirus vaccine, osteoporosis, migraine assessment, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) and other medical information.

From medicine packaging to consumption methods, leaflets and videos, The JADE provides translation services that help to overcome language barriers. By translating medical information in Chinese, Malay and English, The JADE establishes an effective communication channel among the medical staff, pharmaceutical companies, patients and family members.

2. Subtitles

Films and videos are the main forms of media in the Information Age. When the subtitles are accurately translated, a film or video is able to reach different cultural groups in various languages. One of the characteristics of subtitles is their swift appearance on the screen. Therefore, The JADE usually opts for words that are proper and concise when translating subtitles to convey clear information.

The JADE helps to translate a wide range of subtitles, including for movies, online short films, commercial videos, educational videos, corporate videos and event videos. Due to the severe impact of the pandemic, the amount of film and television subtitles translated by The JADE have decreased consequently Previously, The JADE compiled the company’s accumulated findings in film and television subtitle translation and conducted an online sharing session between. It was participated by a former executives from the industry with the founder of The JADE. We hope that besides paying attention to acting, plot, sound effects, costumes, editing and other elements, the audience is able to enjoy the films based on the translated subtitles.

3. Internet marketing

Online media and social platforms have emerged one after another. Consequently, users have also increased day by day. Merchants have begun to shift their business to the online market, especially since the pandemic rages the world. Online platform has become an important channel for merchants to reach out to their customers.

The online market has no boundaries. It is important to use appropriate language for customer groups to attract the attention and interests of consumers. The JADE uses the words that match the brand value and audience preferences when translating marketing content in Chinese, Malay or English. Be it a bakery, an organic farming and gardening company, a community supermarket or a hypermarket, The JADE’s belief in translating is to let consumers understand the message delivered by a product and leave an impression in the consumers’ mind through the power of words.

4. Retail

Despite the impact of the pandemic, the need for the public to replenish daily necessities and food to continue a normal life remains constant. Unlike the past, consumers today tend to pay more attention to information related to a business and their products.

The JADE has assisted advertising companies in translating publicity materials for a local supermarket, as well as product information for famous bread brands. In addition, The JADE has also completed translation work of weekly promotional flyers for a Middle Eastern supermarket. Timeliness is crucial for advertisements, especially when a client requires a piece of work to be translated within 24 hours. As for the bread products, features of each product needs to be highlighted. To fulfil every client’s varied requirements, The JADE will adopt different translation strategies to provide the best value to each client.

5. Tourism

In this era of technology and transportation advancement, travelling is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Apart from purchasing holiday packages from travelling agencies, backpacking is a preferred option for many youngsters. Information including destination, attractions, accommodation, food and so on can be found online easily.

Therefore, language is often one of the main communication channels for tourism industry to reach out to the public. When translating travelling websites or tourism copywriting, The JADE will first try to understand the target audience from the clients, then adjust the content according to the audience’s culture and beliefs. This is to ensure that even after translated, the content would still be able to promote tourism by appropriately reflecting the characteristics of scenic spots, food, culture and event details, which will in turn arouse readers’ interest to visit a destination.

6. Media statement

It is common for organisations or institutions to publish media statements from time to time to clarify their position on current issues or events. In particular, organisations or institutions that need to face the masses must clearly express their position through an official statement. In a country with diverse races, languages, cultures and religions like Malaysia, one statement needs be addressed to different communities. Therefore, translation becomes an indispensable service.

Since its establishment, The JADE has translated more than 800 statements for different organisations. Most of the statements need to be translated within 4 hours and be submitted to traditional and online Chinese media. We highly appreciate our clients’ faith in entrusting us with the translation and direct submission of the statements to the media.

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